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A Project of Al-Furqaan Foundation

Our Mission - Educate, Empower, Engage

At The Clear Islam Canada, a project initiated by the Al-Furqaan Foundation , we are committed to Educating those less familiar with Islam, Empowering the Muslim community, and Engaging with broader Canadian communities. Our efforts are centered around Dawah—educational outreach to enhance understanding of Islam across the nation.

What is Dawah?

Dawah involves sharing the fundamental principles of Islam with non-Muslims. Our emphasis on street Dawah provides volunteers with the necessary resources for this important work. It’s crucial to understand that our goal is not to convert, but to inform. We believe that guidance towards Islam is a divine process, solely in the hands of Allah.

Why is Dawah Essential in Canada?

In Canada, as in other Western nations, the importance of Dawah is magnified. Contrary to Muslim-majority countries where Islamic values are deeply embedded in societal norms, Canada is home to many misconceptions about Islam. Personal, face-to-face conversations have emerged as the most effective method for dispelling these inaccuracies.

Our Approach
We engage in professional and courteous discussions with individuals of different faiths. Rather than engaging in debates, we prioritize impactful conversations, resorting to comparative religion discussions only when it’s essential.
Getting Involved
  • Introduce Yourself: Start by completing our participation form.
  • Share Your Experience: Let us know about your Dawah experiences and strategies.
  • Collaborate: Share your availability and the size of your team.
  • Resource Management: Allocate a specific area for storing Dawah materials.
  • Stay in Touch: Regularly update us on your material needs, at least once a month.
What We Offer

We pledge to supply you with the necessary resources and materials on a monthly basis.

Raising Awareness

Our volunteers undergo thorough training in community outreach, which includes coordinating with local mosques and organizations.

Maintaining Engagement

We hold monthly sessions for volunteers to sustain conversations with curious non-Muslims, respond to inquiries, and encourage interfaith dialogue.

Setting Up Your Dawah Booth
  • Location: Confirm your chosen site.
  • Resources: Notify us of your needs, and we’ll supply the materials.
Areas of Operation

We primarily conduct Dawah in Streets, Malls, Quran Stands, and at State Fairs/Conferences.

Join Us

By joining The Clear Islam, you’re contributing to a crucial discourse, one that aims to Educate, Empower, and Engage.

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